Arrested in Shahrivarmae; Arrest of two cultural activists and artists in Kamiyaran

Today, Tuesday, the 29th of Shahrivaramah, two more people from Kamiyaran were arrested in connection with the strikes and protests of the 28th of Shahrivaramah.

According to an informed source to Kordapa, Mohammad Parvizi, the artist was arrested by the security forces and severely beaten and was in the custody of the security institutions until the end of the evening.

This source added: Sirvan Moradi, a 36-year-old Kurdish activist and poet from the village of “Alek” in Kamiyaran, was also arrested by the security forces today, Saturday, the 29th of Shahrivarmah, after being summoned to the Intelligence Department of Kamiyaran, and there is no information about his fate.

Last night, the security agents raided his house, but they could not arrest him.

Photo: Mohammad Parvizi and Sirvan Moradi

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