Divandre; One of the protestors of the government’s murder of Gina Amini died due to the shooting of the security forces

On Monday, the 28th of Shahrivar month, one of the protestors of the government killing of Zina Amini, named “Mohsen Mohammadi”, the son of Khalifa Masoud from Diwandara, who was severely wounded by the security forces during protest rallies, died in Sanandaj medical centers. gave

Also, the condition of another protester named “Fawad al-Gadi”, Abdullah’s son, who was seriously injured by the security forces during the protest gatherings, is reported to be critical and is hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

At the same time as the general strike in the cities of Kurdistan, protesting citizens in Diwandara came to the streets to protest the murder of Gina Amini by the government, and in this rally, the protesters chanted slogans such as “woman, life, freedom” and “don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we are all together”. They gave.

The rally turned violent with the intervention of the security and anti-riot forces, and there was a fierce conflict between the government forces and the protesters.

The security and anti-riot forces targeted the protesters with bullets and live ammunition, and dozens of protesting citizens were injured by the firing of these forces.

Several protesting citizens were taken to Sanandaj medical centers due to the severity of their injuries, and the condition of some of them was reported to be critical.

Some of the protesters who were injured by the security forces and anti-riot forces, refused to go to the medical centers for medical treatment due to the fear of being arrested.

On Monday, the 28th of Shahrivar, guilds and marketers of most cities of Kurdistan went on strike and closed the market and shops of the city following the call of political parties and civil organizations in protest of the murder of Gina Amini.

On Friday, the 25th of Shahrivarmah, 22-year-old Zina (Mehsa) Amini from Saqqez, who was in a coma as a result of a severe beating by the Irshad patrol forces, died in Kasri Hospital in Tehran, and on Saturday, the 26th of Shahrivarmah, His body was buried in the Aichi cemetery in Saqqez with the large presence of people.

Photo from right to left: Fawad Gadadi and Mohsen Mohammadi

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