One of the protesters from Saqqez was taken to Tabriz due to the severity of his injuries

Parsa Sehat, the son of Anwar and Hajar, one of the Saqqez protesters, was taken to a hospital in Tabriz due to the severity of his injuries.

This 22-year-old citizen, who is a hairdresser, was shot by the security forces near his shop.

Mr. Sehat was seriously wounded in the eyes and nose due to the security forces’ bullets.

In this regard, the general condition of Kian Derakhshan, another protester of the government murder of Gina Amini, who was seriously injured by a security forces bullet during a protest rally in front of the governor of Saqqez, is grave.

On Saturday, the 26th of Shahrivar, the gathering of citizens protesting the murder of Gina Amini in front of the Saqqah Governorate turned violent following the intervention of anti-riot and security forces.

Nearly dozens of protesting citizens were injured due to the shooting of bullets and the people asked the doctors and nurses to treat the protesting citizens in their homes.

The protesting citizens refuse to go to medical centers for medical treatment due to the fear of being arrested by the security forces.

On Friday, the 25th of Shahrivarmah, 22-year-old Zina (Mehsa) Amini from Saqqez, who was in a coma as a result of a severe beating by the Irshad patrol forces, died in Kasri Hospital in Tehran, and on Saturday, the 26th of Shahrivarmah, His body was buried in the Aichi cemetery in Saqqez with the large presence of people.

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