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the movie; University of Tehran – Today: You are our killer, you are the guard

In the universities of Tehran, student protests have turned violent with the intervention of the Mobilization and security forces and uniformed officers. Pictures have been published on social networks showing that Mehsa Amini’s photos have been torn by Basij of Amirkabir University.

The following video: The second day of Tehran University students gathering in protest against the murder of Mehsa Amini, along with slogans such as:

In the name of religion and law, our blood has been halal
Killing for a scarf/ How long will you live?
Basiji, Basiji, disgrace to your trick/The blood of our youth drips from your grip
Emancipation is our right / our strength is our collective
We are all mahsa / fight to fight
Poverty and corruption and rampage/death to this tyranny
Good luck with your marriage
You are our protector/killer

You can download and share this video using the link below. To download this video, exit the Iran Press News site.


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