Mafia Nights
Mafia Nights
2020 • • • Family
5/5 • 2 / 10 IMDb

Mafia is a kind of friendly and family competition and entertainment in which the two groups of Mafia and Citizen must identify each other by trial and error in order to finally get the Mafia out of the city and the citizens to win. In the "Mafia Nights" program, Mohammad Reza Alimardani, an actor and presenter from our country, is present in the game as a leader or organizer, and in fact, the command of the game is in his hands. There are many actors in this competition and the process of the competition is such that in each season, an actor invites 12 of his artist friends to play and finally it starts with two groups of 12 men and a group of 12 women artists.

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Reviewed by Ardeshir RezaZadeh 5 / 5 5 months ago


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